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This is an online community with a dual focus on helping women gain confidence to travel on their own and on sharing authentic stories about life, love, trauma, joy, adventure, relationships and anxiety. This is a place to ask your travel questions, a place to express your fears, a place to get help planning trips, and also a place to find support as you wrestle with your story. This is a place to be reminded that you’re not alone, that there are more of us here and we all have baggage. I’ll be sharing the stories I am wrestling with, stories of fear, stories of love, stories of heartbreak, stories of victory, and stories that don’t quite have endings yet...


Send me your questions, send me your fears, send me your stories.

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Looking for help planning a trip,
need coaching through your first solo adventure, or looking for support as you work to unpack your story? We're here.

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I believe, if you let it, travel can be one of the most cathartic and healing experiences of your life.

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Unpacking Solo Travel - Women's Solo Travel Interview - Her Bags Were Packed

Unpacking Solo Travel with Holly Kirtley

Note: Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a suggested product, I may receive a small percentage.  Holly Kirtley is a single 30-something living in Knoxville, Tennessee. While she’s been traveling internationally for many years, she just started traveling solo in 2018. I chatted with Holly

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