5 Reasons To Give Philly A Chance

We won the Super Bowl and I am in total shock! But along with that comes a lot of trash talking Philadelphia. We’re known for being the fans who throw snowballs at Santa (even though this happened once…in 1968!). We’re known for being aggressive and letting fans of the opposing teams know that they’re not welcome. We’re known, in short, for being the worst fans in America.

But usually no one pays much attention to us, because usually our teams are overlooked, and I’ve spent most of my life embracing and laughing off this ridiculous reputation. I guess I assumed the rest of the world was smart enough to know that while we’re ridiculously passionate, most of us are not actually violent.

Cut to two weeks ago when the Eagles made the playoffs and all of a sudden the news and social media blew up with click bait about all the insane, ridiculous things (supposedly) happening all over Philadelphia. Over and over, I saw people say that Philly was going to burn itself to the ground. Over and over, people mocked our team and mocked our community and it started getting under my skin until this morning I decided to try and change the conversation.

Yes, there were a few outliers who did insane things last night but 99% of people were just out for a love fest. They were dancing and singing in the streets, hugging and kissing strangers, handing out free drinks, and crying tears of joy together. It was beautiful.

So in honor of all that is beautiful in Philadelphia, I decided to share 5 reasons Philly is worth checking out.