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Heart Talk and Self Love by Cleo Wade - Her Bags Were Packed

Heart Talk

Last night I went to a beautiful event called Hello Sunshine x Together Live. It’s like a mini conference meets storytelling event. This was my second year attending. In fact, last year’s event is actually what gave me the big push to finally believe in Her Bags Were Packed enough to launch (more on that another

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Clutter Free to Minimalist - Her Bags Were Packed

Clutter Free to Minimalist

Happy Rainy Monday!  It turns out that it’s not Always Sunny in Philadelphia but I hope it is in your part of the world. Today I am excited to share with you the third and final post in the Living With Less series. Even though I have followed Megan for years and done my own work on

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Going Clutter Free - Her Bags Were Packed

Going Clutter Free

Last week I introduced a new series called Living With Less, where author and decluttering expert, Megan Starbuck, shares part of her “Pack Rat to Clutter-Free” journey. If you missed part one, definitely check it out; but, today, I am excited to share part two with you. In this post, Megan shares her tips for

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