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The Power of Cumulative - Her Bags Were Packed

The Power of Cumulative

In September 2017, I spent about a month in Italy eating a lot of incredible pasta, drinking wine, and indulging in all the gelato.  So much so that (TMI warning) towards the end of the first week, my underwear got really tight. I wondered if it was possible to outgrow all my clothes in the

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I Can't Keep Quiet Day with MILCK - Her Bags Were Packed

I Can’t Keep Quiet Day

Back in November, I attended an event called Hello Sunshine X Together Live. You might remember me talking about it when I introduced Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk.  The night was full of incredible women sharing their inspiring stories and talents. Another of those amazing women is MILCK, also known off-stage as Connie K. Lim. Throughout

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