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Unpacking Solo Travel with Jana Roe Osofsky - Her Bags Were Packed

Unpacking Solo Travel with Jana Roe Osofsky

Last month I introduced a new interview series called “Unpacking Solo Travel” where I chat with women about their solo travel experiences. This month’s interview is with Jana Roe Osofsky. I did not know Jana before our conversation, but I was quickly blown away by her incredible story. Today Jana is a joyful newlywed living

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Celebrating the first anniversary of Her Bags Were Packed - Blogiversary

Happy Blog-iversary!

I can’t believe it but last week was the one year anniversary for Her Bags Were Packed so I thought we’d celebrate this week by looking back at the 5 most popular posts from this year. But before we get to that, I want to highlight some of the accomplishments of this last year. Since

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