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5 Reasons To Give Philly A Chance

We won the Super Bowl and I am in total shock! But along with that comes a lot of trash talking Philadelphia. We’re known for being the fans who throw snowballs at Santa (even though this happened once…in 1968!). We’re known for being aggressive and letting fans of the opposing teams know that they’re not

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This Is Your Life, Revel In It

My inner monologue tends to bounce back and forth between “Hell, yeah, I am living my best life” and “You don’t deserve this.” I mean, who am I to get to live this life, to have these incredible experiences? To be eating these incredible foods, seeing these amazing sites, meeting these fantastic people, riding vespas

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Fear Is A Liar

I’ve arrived in Rome, and I am doing the thing I always do to avoid unwanted attention in an unknown city: “Fake it ‘til I make it.” I get off the train, purchase a bus ticket, and find my way to the bus. I know my stop, but I keep an eye on my location

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