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Going Clutter Free - Her Bags Were Packed

Going Clutter Free

Last week I introduced a new series called Living With Less, where author and decluttering expert, Megan Starbuck, shares part of her “Pack Rat to Clutter-Free” journey. If you missed part one, definitely check it out; but, today, I am excited to share part two with you. In this post, Megan shares her tips for

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Pack Rat To Clutter Free - Her Bags Were Packed

Living With Less

Those of you who follow Her Bags Were Packed know that, while it is a travel resource, the mission is much deeper than travel. At the heart of it all, Her Bags Were Packed is about helping women release emotional baggage so we can travel through life lighter. Something interesting I have realized over the

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12 Wanderlust Inspiring Quotes - Her Bags Were Packed

12 Wanderlust Inspiring Quotes

I’m obsessed with collecting inspiring, challenging and empowering quotes. They’re like little sound bites cheering me on when things are difficult or helping me express an experience I don’t have the words for. The 12 quotes below are some of my favorites from the last year. They’ll remind you of the power of vulnerability, courage,

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Spending With Intention - Women's Solo Travel - Her Bags Were Packed

Spend With Intention, Travel More

People always want to know how they can find more money to travel. My greatest financial secret is spending with intention. Spending with intention requires that I designate a purpose to each dollar that enters my bank account. Just as important is to know the “why” behind the choice to save or spend each of

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Off The Beaten Path Secret Things To Do in Rome - Her Bags Were Packed

8 Secret Things To Do In Rome

Everybody knows what you “have to see” in Rome — the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Tiber River, the Vatican, and the Pantheon (that one seriously blew my mind!). But I am not a fan of big “must-see” tourist stops. Yes, each of those places has its merits, and I did check them out (because

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